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About BMW F30

The sweeping lines and glossy paint job of the BMW F30 undoubtedly catches your eye, and you know this car is a must have. The F30 is a part of the BMW 3 series, released in 2011. These cars aesthetically are unmatched by many other BMW models. Featuring a sleek body, wider front and back end as compared to earlier models, as well as rectangular headlights that blend into the front grille, create an overall bold look. The design also features a powerful 2.0-liter engine, the N20 turbocharged inline-four, allowing you to set the pace. They also come with bumpers constructed from polypropylene material, adding to its durability. Additionally, if your tires are ready to be replaced, you can find BMW F30 wheels in the large inventory available on eBay. The wide selection can have you browsing for hours and may even lead you to a BMW F30 steering wheel, in case yours also needs replacement. A BMW F30 is an elevated take on the classic look of a BMW. This vehicle combines style with power, fulfilling all of your needs.