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About BMW E46 Body Kit

It might be hard to imagine that you can improve on the already super-sleek curves of your BMW E46, but if you are craving a more personalized look, or simply a more sporty feel, there plenty of options. A BMW E46 body kit can add even more smooth, sleek racing curves to the vehicle, and as an added bonus greatly improve the airflow around the car, meaning you can benefit from increased handling. BMW E46 body kits are generally applied to the fenders, front and rear bumpers, and skirts. You can also often find a spoiler to complete the look, too. There are plenty of body kits to choose from, with the BMW E46 M3 body kit being a popular choice with many owners. Alternatively, you can go for the compete works with a BMW E46 full body kit, which for all intents and purposes gives the vehicle the look of a track racer. Whatever type of body kit you are looking for, as well as additional customizations, the vast inventory on eBay is the ideal place to start.

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