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About BMW Center Caps

Keep your ride looking high class with new BMW center caps. Center caps cover the center of your wheels and keep dirt out of the bearings. They also hide the lug nuts and give a finished look to your car. If you want to show off chrome or spoke wheels, you can add center caps for a stylish look. Center caps are easy to install; some use spring clips and others use wheel lugs to attach. BMW M5 center caps feature the distinguishing BMW logo: a quartered circle in blue and white, with "BMW" chased in chrome around the outside on a black field. For a custom look, BMW X5 center caps with wide chrome rims or solar powered LED lights add flair, with colored lights that reflect off the chrome wheels. You can also find roundel emblems that fit over your current center caps that come in other color combinations for the logo, such as black and white and red and white, to match your vehicle's paint job. Find a vast selection of cosmetic auto accessories such as BMW center caps and wheel covers on eBay.