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About BMW Airbag Reset Tool

The pesky airbag warning light shines like a beacon on your dash, even though you just had your car serviced. Knowing how to reset it with a BMW airbag reset tool has great advantages. This tool resets the airbag warning light and also performs many other helpful functions. It works on most European made vehicles to reset the oil service date, service mileage date, service warning light, and service interval lights. Cables come with the tool for easy connection, making it a time saving and money saving device that is simple for the average car owner to operate. You simply connect the tool to the vehicle data link connector, known as the DLC, to perform the functions. After attaching the cables, turn the key to the on position without starting the motor. Press the button for the operation you want to perform, and an LED light comes on to indicate the device is operating. When the light goes off, release the button, and the function is complete. You can find a BMW airbag reset tool and numerous other car maintenance accessories among the vast inventory on eBay.