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About BMW ABS Module

Your BMW is applauded for its reliability and durability, and while wear and tear does eventually slow you down, you can rest assured that finding the replacement parts for crucial systems is no cause for concern. The BMW ABS module is essential for keeping you and your vehicle safe on the roads. This module, also known as an anti-lock braking system, ensures that you keep traction on the road no matter how quickly you have to stop. This can mean the difference between a minor collision or a major accident in some scenarios, so ensuring your system is fully functional is a must. An ABS module is composed of four essential components, any or all of which can need replacing at some point in the lifetime of your vehicle. Speed sensors measure the wheel speed, valves in the brake lines are linked with the ABS to regulate pressure, and a special pump restores pressure when needed. Finally, the controller processes the information from the sensors, and takes the appropriate action. Luckily, you can find the proper complete BMW ABS module, and individual parts, for all BMW variants in the large inventory on eBay, so replacing your system is a breeze.