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About BMW 635

In the 1980s, the open road was paved with three things: parachute pants, acid wash denim jackets, and (for everyone who was anyone) the BMW 635. This was the first high performance coupe by BMW. Built around an Inline-6 cylinder engine with a displacement of 3.4 liters and large BMW 635 wheels, this beast was the sign of luxury. The two-door sporty icon looked compact, but a peek inside reveals a spacious interior to fit all of your friends (and their big hair.) The BMW 635CSI has remained a classic car for owners and enthusiasts alike. eBay sellers are a reliable source of BMW 635 parts and accessories for those looking to redesign, update, or completely rebuild their own piece of the 80s. While most can agree that the parachute pants, acid wash denim, and Aqua Net hairstyles can stay in the past, this is one piece of the 80s that hasn’t gone out of style.

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