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About BMW 525i

The BMW 5 Series is by far one of the most popular and profitable lines for the German auto maker. Within that series, the BMW 525i is the most popular of the E34 models, selling over 250,000 globally. A premium luxury mid-size car, the 525 comes in both sedan and touring body styles, and it is known for its high-end trim and beautiful handling. The BMW E34 525i was first released in 1992, and it offers a double overhead cam engine with 189 horsepower, as opposed to the 168 horsepower available on earlier models, and a 10 percent increase in fuel economy. It also uses a timing chain rather than a timing belt, which proves more reliable. If you have a 2003 or 2004 BMW 525i, you own one of the first models in the 5 Series to have a turbocharged engine. These fifth-generation models also made much better use of technology than previous versions. Find great deals on BMW 525i vehicles and replacement parts from the experienced automotive sellers on eBay.

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