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About Bluetooth GPS

Free to drive, safely and efficiently—that’s what a Bluetooth GPS receiver in your ride is all about, if not to feel free of stress. What it’s not about is increasing traffic congestion while you are slowing up or swerving to punch buttons on your monitor for the latest traffic reports, let alone call someone. Most GPS devices, once a wireless connection is established to a Bluetooth phone, display the incoming call on the screen. One touch on the screen and you are free to ramble on the road and on the phone simultaneously. A Bluetooth GPS also enhances the performance of some automobile navigation systems that don’t have voice recognition. If you plan to use your Bluetooth device frequently for navigation, remember that the bigger the screen, the less distraction from driving. There are several 7-inch GPS Bluetooth receivers available through reliable eBay sellers, including the new Android GPS Bluetooth. Bottom line, drivers using hand-held devices increase the chance of spoiling their ride and everyone else’s in the car with an injury-related mishap. In fact, it is four times as likely as for those not using a hand-held device. A hand-held device is illegal in some states or jurisdictions. Safe and legal—good things to be when cruising down the road.