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About Bluetooth FM Transmitter

When your car is old tech and your smartphone is new tech, you can use a Bluetooth FM transmitter to bring the two together, without draping your dash in dangling wires. Send tunes and calls from your phone to the transmitter via Bluetooth connection, and the transmitter then forwards that signal to and through your car stereo speakers with an FM radio signal. Plug the transmitter into the cigarette outlet, tune your radio to the frequency of your choice, pair your phone to the transmitter, and you are good to go. This is ideal for older cars with neither Bluetooth capabilities nor any auxiliary jack. The vast inventory on eBay includes a variety of wireless Bluetooth FM transmitters compatible with any smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. Some models have additional ports for charging your phone's battery as well. Bright LCD displays make it easy to coordinate radio stations, while manual buttons on many Bluetooth FM transmitter models allow the driver to easily control music playback and volume without having to fiddle with the phone.

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