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About Blue Topaz

Be brave and overcome any obstacle with a bit of blue topaz by your side. Ancient people believed this lovely gem could instill courage, as well help you with your scholarly pursuits. Whether you need a dose of determination, extra clarity, or just like the sparkle of a blue topaz ring, this gemstone makes a lovely addition to your jewelry box. It is a gem that anyone can wear. Pair it with tailored work suits for a softer look or use it to accessorize formal evening attire. If you enjoy a lot of bling, couple a blue topaz pendant with a bracelet or pair of earrings. Alternately, just keep it simple with a single piece. You can find new and used pieces from reputable sellers on eBay or check for vintage items if you are a collector. Blue topaz adds color and flair to any outfit, and it just might give you the extra gumption you need for that important work presentation or any other special event.