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About Blue Sunglasses

You may know Johnny Depp has a penchant for blue sunglasses, but did you know blue lens sunglasses actually serve a purpose? People with specific color vision problems can benefit from wearing sunglasses with a blue tint. Moreover, tinted lenses can help filter out harmful light, which many people appreciate. If you have light sensitivity or color vision problems, an optometrist may suggest using blue lens eyewear to reduce glare from caused by UV rays. Sometimes, the sunglasses have a mirror coating that further reduces the amount of light that enters your eye. You can find a lot of people wearing blue sunglasses at beaches, where the sun is the brightest. Imagine being on the beach and you embarrass yourself in front of your friends by walking into something, all because you couldn’t see where you were going due to the glare from the sun. You can avoid that embarrassment by wearing a nice pair of sunglasses with blue lenses that you found on eBay.