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About Blue Opal

October babies know that the opal is their birthstone. New and used blue opal stones and other gemstone jewelry pieces are available from the reliable sellers on eBay. The blue opal is one of the most popular color choices for this gemstone, but it comes in many additional shades and colors. Some stones appear to have multiple hues dancing beneath their surface. The blue opal purports to soothe raw emotions and promotes personal courage in those who wear it. The stone also has connections to the sea and its creatures. If worn by lovers who are faithful, the blue opal ring or other jewelry piece enhances their relationships with luck, love, money, and healing powers. However, wearers who do not possess a faithful heart should beware, as the stone brings them dire misfortunes. Whether you want one of your own or would like to gift one to a friend or family member, the blue opal rough or cut stone is sure to be a beauty. Rest assured that the legends surrounding the stone are simply legends—though it’s best to maintain a faithful heart anyway. Just in case.