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About Bloomers

Springtime in your house means spring cleaning, putting away all of those heavy winter clothes, and getting out the bloomers for your little girl who looks adorable in those frilly little underclothes. Baby bloomers with tiny ruffles, covered in soft pink lace, and embroidered to match that darling little dress are so cute that it is hard to imagine her in any outfit without them. Her matching hair bow tops off her favorite fashion statement, and your little princess never leaves the house without dressing in her very best. The reliable sellers on eBay have you covered (literally) when it comes to vintage bloomers that are so cute that you may not be able to stop at buying just one pair. Pick out ruffles, lace, and even pantaloons to create a look that is completely unforgettable on your child, or even on yourself. You can even choose from a huge selection of bloomers that take you back to a simpler time or add some fun Victorian style sex appeal to your wardrobe.