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About Blood Bowl

You send your dwarves across the field to protect the elf with the ball, hoping that they can blast through your opponent's defenses and finally score that point. You and your friends watch as your friend throws down a card that decimates your offensive, and your fate in Blood Bowl is sealed. Maybe your experience is not full of broken bones, but you can still expect a good bit of violence in the game. Your orc has a mission, after all, and he may not be denied. The game is played with 1.1-inch figurines and players go to great lengths to have the best team out there. You can find a plain metal dwarf, for example, and prime and paint it to look like no other character in the game. No matter whether you need players for your team or you just want a base set, the vast inventory on eBay means that you can find everything that you need. Then, when you have your team assembled, it is time to take on everyone in your very own Blood Bowl.