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About Block Planes

Taking the tool in hand, you feel it glide across the working surface as you sculpt the ideal shape and texture. You can pick out a quality block plane to match your working style from the reliable sellers on eBay. These short planes have a low angle to their blades, making them an ideal choice for end grain. Wood block planes are adjustable to help you do coarse and fine work, though some products have a blade angle that caters toward one working style or another. Begin by shopping for products from some of the top manufacturers on the market. For example, pick out a Stanley, Craftsman, or Millers Falls block plane. New products offer reliable performance, though a used pane can help you save money. There are also numerous vintage planes available, and many people enjoy these for their classic look and history. Whether you are a carpenter or a hobbyist, a great block plane can enhance your performance and results on a project.