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About Blind Spot Mirrors

According to the National Transportation Safety Bureau, there are over 1,000 accidents each year involving drivers who did not realize that something was in their blind spots. One way that drivers can help to lower the odds that they might be involved in one of those accidents is to use aftermarket blind spot mirrors. These are convex mirrors that attach to your vehicle's existing side mirrors. Because of the curve, the mirrors display a wider angle than your existing mirrors can on their own. Truck blind spot mirrors can be especially important, for both tractor trailers and large pickups or vans. Often these vehicles make wide right turns, and their drivers cannot easily see who or what is in the vicinity at the time. Motorcyclists find that they have to be twice as vigilant as other drivers, and motorcycle blind spot mirrors can help them to do that more effectively. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find just the right blind spot mirrors to fit all your vehicles, and to make them a little safer to drive.