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About Blenko Vases

It is exciting to find something handmade by skilled craftsmen, such as a Blenko vase, in a mass-produced world. The Blenko Glass Co. is known for its artistic hand-blown glass created by the finest craftsmen. Glass designs are imaginative, and glass colors are interesting and varied. This collector-quality glass has been produced since the late 19th century. Picture a Blenko bowl on your kitchen counter, or imagine the soothing ambiance created by a Blenko lamp in your living room. Group a Blenko vase with a lamp and bowl to create a colorful focal point in your home. Instead of grouping several objects, you can decorate an area with one vase for a simple, elegant touch. Several types of vases are available, such as a Blenko fan vase that comes in many colors. A Blenko crackle vase, with its unique texture, complements any home. Sellers on eBay are available to help you with all your needs. They offer a wide variety of Blenko glass, from contemporary pieces to vintage items. Convenient shipping options are available.

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