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About Blender Bottles

Busting your butt to stay buff is a mainstay in your daily routine, and when you leave the gym, you count on your protein shake to get you by until meal time. There is no need to settle for clumpy drinks that are hard to suck down, thanks to the help of a BlenderBottle. Get your hands on a classic Sundesa BlenderBottle, and have your protein snack ready after each workout within mere seconds. Simply drop the BlenderBall whisk mixer into the bottle, add your liquid and protein powder, then close the lid and shake things up a few times. Carry several packets of protein powder and your BlenderBottle with you, and you have a handy and healthy snack available no matter where you may be while on the go. Each BlenderBottle is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a snap so you can get back out the door again. Find a vast inventory of BlenderBottle sizes and colors available on eBay. A BlenderBottle makes fueling up easy so you can focus on what matters most — building and toning those muscles.