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About Blazer Vanes

The apple sits atop your son's head as you nock the arrow and draw back your bow; if you miss, he dies. Without blazer vanes, you cannot get an accurate shot, and you can kiss your son goodbye. Blazer vanes attach to the end of an arrow, and they pick up wind when the arrow is loosed. Each arrow usually has three or four vanes. Whether you are hunting or shooting arrows at a target, you need an accurate shot. Bent blazer vanes affect the direction your arrow goes after released. The vanes also break and fall off often. Because of this, it is important to have spare ones around. eBay has a multitude of different blazer vanes. A variety of colors is available. Consumer can even get vanes with designs, like tiger stripes or camo. Having colorful and unique vanes makes it easier to find your arrows after shooting. You do not want to get dark, neutral colored vanes that blend in with surroundings. Buy new colorful blazer vanes to have handy the next time you practice your archery skills.