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About Blank DVDs

Back up your favorite pictures, movies, films, and more with a spool of blank DVD discs. These compact storage devices can take on 4.7 GB of data, giving you plenty of space to make copies of the information you hold most valuable. Since they are easy to buy in bulk, these DVDs are also a useful way to give out a hard copy of photos and videos to friends and family. Because they are relatively simple to store and manufacture, blank discs are often available in large quantities. eBay's reliable sellers offer 100 blank DVD spools, giving you ample storage space in one compact tower. Chances are good you'll find a spool that matches your preferred media or technology company, such as Sony, Memorex, HP, and Philips. If 100 discs are like a little too much to take on at once, you can also take advantage of smaller 25 blank DVD spools. Using DVDs for storage is a great way to complement a drive located in your computer or on the cloud. When your computer crashes or you lose access to your preferred service, you can rest easy knowing your information is safely stored on DVD.

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