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About Bladeless Fans

Available in portable, compact sizes, bladeless fans can be your new passion, making you a big fan of these fans. These fans provide all the power and cooling capacities of regular fans, but swap traditional blades for air vents and special air chambers. Bladeless varieties feature streamlined air paths, helping air circulate consistently and without interruption through the fan system. Like other fans, bladeless fans come in various styles and sizes. Some, such as mini bladeless fans, are between 6 and 12 inches in height, weighing several ounces. You can take them to the office or set them up in small spaces at home. Some feature stationary mounts, while others, such as oscillating fans, rotate in multiple directions. Some fans operate using electricity, while others plug into USB ports or require batteries instead. Regardless of size, these fans consume less energy than traditional fans do, making them more energy efficient. The absence of blades makes them quieter too, and some help to purify the air as it draws in. On eBay, a large inventory gives you many fan options to consider. You can search by brand, such as Dyson, or by price, color, and size.