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About Blade SR

Some people watch TV in their spare time, but not you. You'd rather while away the days flying a Blade: a Blade SR RC helicopter, that is. They may be much smaller than the real thing, but there's still something satisfying about controlling the aircraft, and a sense of childhood fun while it is whizzing through the air. The Blade brand makes many types of RC helicopters, including the popular Blade 120 SR model, many of which you can find on eBay from reliable sellers. The Blade SR comes equipped with a six-channel transmitter and a direct drive motor, and it's already assembled, so all you have to do is open the box and it's time for takeoff. The SR model is best for more skilled pilots with intermediate to advanced flying skills. However, the plane does come with training gear to help you through the initial flight process, so if you're feeling bold as a beginner, why not take a chance? Get cleared for takeoff and take control of your own helicopter with the Blade series of helicopters. No pilot license needed.