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About Blacksmith Anvil

The clang of a heavy hammer against the steel body of a dense blacksmith anvil is a sound that resonates through history. In use since the ancient world, working with and forging metals is a practice that still has a prominent place in culture, from the farrier working a horseshoe for a young mare to a craftsman working metal for a hand-crafted piece of art. Historically, the larger and denser an anvil is the more dynamic a tool it is in the forging process, providing the sizable inertia needed to transfer energy through and effect the shape of metal. An anvil today typically has the same design as centuries ago and features a horn for bending and curving metal, a step for cutting metal, and a plate for flattening and smoothing metal. A small blacksmith anvil can be as long as a few inches and serves as an ideal work surface for tinsmithing, working with brass, and creating jewelry pieces. Collectors, too, might have an interest in a vintage blacksmith anvil to use as a display in a shop or even as a working tool. Any and all options are available through the wide range of blacksmith anvil inventories on eBay so you can be sure to find a classic piece of forging history for your workshop.

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