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About Blacksmith

Sparks fly from the metal glowing yellow-red as the blacksmith pounds it into shape. No, it is not a scene from a historical novel; it is simply the daily work at a modern forge. Blacksmithing almost disappeared during the industrial era when metalworking was largely overtaken by factories and machines, but it enjoyed a surge of new interest in the 1970s, which eventually led to the rise of the artist-blacksmith. These blacksmiths create works of art with wrought iron or steel, using a mix of traditional tools like the blacksmith anvil and modern tools like the power hammer. While blacksmiths in modern times make use of power tools and fuels that were unavailable before, the basic art and science of metallurgy has not much changed. Sellers on eBay have a wide range of tools from blacksmith hammers to forge blowers, so the modern blacksmith keeps alive an art form and a tradition that is almost as old as civilization itself.

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