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About Blackout Curtains

Sleepless nights are a pernicious plague that steal your stamina, sap your immune system, and spoil whatever chance you may have had at a good day. This is why a gorgeous set of blackout curtains that create a sleep oasis in any room are a matter of health, not just good taste. These curtains block up to 100 percent of outside light. As a bonus, thick blackouts also insulate your room against extreme outdoor temperatures and reduce noise that filters in from outside. With design in mind, grommet blackout curtains have a clean and streamlined look. The grommets on these curtains are typically a polished nickel, shiny silver, ebony, or oil-rubbed bronze finish. You can match the finish to your existing curtain rod for a coordinated look. Blackout-style curtains are often made from plush textiles, like jacquard or microfiber, and come in solid colors, like taupe, brown, gold, light gray, white, and blue. While not as common, drapes with unique prints, like Pottery Barn blackout curtains, give your home decor a dose of serious style. Stripes, chevron, paisley, floral, trellis, and bhotah patterns each bring a unique design aesthetic so you can enjoy their look when you are awake and their functionality as you peacefully sleep. When you shop the extensive inventory of blackout curtains from dependable sellers on eBay, you can literally rest assured from here on out.

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