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About Black Onyx

As you explore the contents of your jewelry box, you reminisce about the semiprecious black onyx you once had. You think of the rich, dark color and glossy surface with an elegant touch, and regret that you no longer own such a gem. Never fear, find a wide range of these valuable black onyx gemstones in both gently used and new conditions from reliable sellers on eBay. The Greeks cherished this gemstone and said that it came from Venus’s nails, then trimmed by Cupid and turned into stone as a way to cherish a part of the Greek goddess. Perhaps, you desire to embrace the stone with your everyday jewelry as a form of protection against negativity, as it is thought to provide protection against dark emotions and those that would do you harm. Alternatively, it is also related to new beginnings and regeneration. Everyone needs a new beginning at some point of his or her life, and it’s never too late to make the change with a black onyx necklace or pendant.