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About Black Mask

Whether you are preparing for a lavish party or just funning around with costumes and dress up, a black mask is a must have for every masquerade enthusiast. Whether a simple black eye mask, also called a domino mask, or an ornate affair that covers the face or extends into a headpiece, the classic black mask has had decades to evolve into hundreds and even thousands of designs and styles. You are sure to find the perfect new, previously owned, or vintage black masquerade mask on eBay to suit your special occasion. Find delicate satin and lace affairs or bold and ornate selections that boast beading, sequins, feathers, and other exquisite flourishes. From the height of aristocratic Venetian elegance to the depths of super-villain notoriety, the black mask makes the character and completes the look. Why stop at just one? Be a different mysterious version of yourself every night with a whole collection of black masks.