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About Black Hills Gold

If you find a multicolored piece of jewelry bedecked in roses, grapes, and grapevines, you know you are looking at something special. This particular breed of jewelry, known as Black Hills gold, is manufactured only in one place, the Black Hills of South Dakota. Each piece is made up of a base of yellow gold, and is then embellished with colorful accents. The pink or rose-colored gold is made by adding copper to the gold during the smelting process. The green shades are made when pure silver is added to the gold. A Black Hills gold ring might feature all the distinctive features of the style, such as the roses and the grapes together, or it might feature just one element. A larger piece such as a Black Hills gold watch may contain multiple roses, full grapevines, and large clusters of grapes around the face and down the band. The knowledgeable sellers on eBay are there to help you determine which piece of Black Hills gold is perfect for you.