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About Black & Decker Batteries

Power up your cordless tools with a Black and Decker battery pack. A Black and Decker battery is available in different voltages, including the high-powered Black and Decker 18V battery, so be sure you know which kind your particular device needs before you shop for a replacement. Check the label or product details to find out the power output of the battery, keeping in mind that a higher voltage correlates with more power. For tricky jobs that require extra care or take place in tight spaces, try a Black and Decker cordless battery so that you do not have wires getting in your way. One unique feature of some types of Black and Decker battery is the spring-loaded design that makes them easy to attach. Look for these and other efficient battery pack models on eBay, where sellers offer reliable service. With up to 500 recharges in most Black and Decker batteries, you can experience the power boost you need for your tools without having to worry about wearing the battery down too quickly.