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About Black & Decker 18V

Hey neighbor. Let me borrow that Black and Decker 18 V drill again? You try not to roll your eyes, because your wannabe handyman neighbor never has the tools he needs, or if he has them, they are not in condition to do the job. You are protective of your equipment, and ever since he overheated your Black and Decker 18 V drill, you have tried your best to steer clear of the yard when you hear him sawing or hammering over on his side of the hedges. Based on the noises you have been hearing since early this morning, you know he is nearing the end of the job; you heard his Black and Decker blower going, which probably meant he ran out of juice during cleanup. You sigh, go into your work shed, and pull out your extra Black and Decker 18 V battery. You do appreciate the fact that he knows quality when he sees it, and as a favor, you share with him that he can get an extra battery or any number of other Black and Decker 18 V accessories on eBay; he seems interested, until you tell him that is how you replaced the drill.