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About Black Coach Wristlet

Don't stop at just the full sized handbag. A black Coach wristlet is the perfect accessory to keep you organized on the go without all of the extra bulk of a full sized purse or bag. Coach is the celebrated brand for quality fashion handbags and totes, and they have extended their line to include the petite and easy to hang onto wristlet. A new black Coach wristlet comes equipped with a strap to loop over your hand, so you can keep a tight grip on your essentials as you move briskly and freely through your day. Whether new or previously owned, a Coach black leather wristlet from eBay is the ideal organizational accessory for a night out on the town, letting you keep your cash, cards, and little essentials right within reach without slowing you down with extra bulk. The slim and fashionable design bears all the marks of a quality Coach product, bringing you all the clout and all the convenience.