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About Bit Holders

Corey is working in his garage and needs to change the bit out in his cordless drill. He opens his drawer and without a bit holder in there, his bits are everywhere making it difficult to find the one he needs. Spending countless minutes trying to locate a drill bit is not productive and can frustrate you. A magnetic bit holder is the perfect accessory to have at work and in your garage. You can purchase multiple ones depending on how many pieces you actually need to store. The holder is designed with durability in mind and each holder has designated places for the different sized bits to go. A new DeWalt magnetic bit holder is perfect for your drawer or tool box. You can purchase one that sits upright or lies flat. The magnet is strong and holds your bits without dropping them everywhere. If you are trying to get organized, consider purchasing a bit holder from the large inventory offered by reliable sellers on eBay.

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