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About Birthday Bears

The plush birthday bear toys line the shelves in the bedroom in a bright array of rainbow colors. The sizes, shapes, and colors may vary, but all celebrate that special day when you entered the world. As a dedicated birthday bear collector, you know that reliable sellers on eBay provide a wide selection of bears, from a tiny Beanie Baby birthday bear to a vintage Care Bear, complete with a cupcake on her belly. In addition to these collectible bears, a myriad of auctions list a variety of singing birthday bears to provide a cheerful rendition of the happy birthday song to brighten your day. Whether you are searching for a birthday bear for yourself or for a beloved child, family member, or friend, a classic plush bear is a welcome gift. Selecting a speedy delivery from one of the convenient shipping methods ensures that your new, gently used, or vintage bear arrives on time, ready to deliver a message of love to young and old bear lovers alike.

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