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With luxe handcrafted designs and limited quantities, Birkin bags are fit for starlets and the silver screen elite. Nab one of these status symbols for yourself, and practice your red carpet strut. Find a great selection of new and used Hermes handbags on eBay and feel like the movie star you always wanted to be.

About Birkin Bag

Hermes Birkin bags pop up on the shoulders of celebrities everywhere. Victoria Beckham is rumored to have a selection worth over a million dollars. Lady Gaga has a habit of customizing her collection, and Kim Kardashian has a closet full of them. This is no surprise, considering that it was an actress who inspired the bag. Hermes created the Birkin bag for Jane Birkin after she complained that she didn't have a purse that could hold all of her belongings. The choice handbag of many A-listers can be quite hard to come by. Each Hermes Birkin Bag is expertly handcrafted in France and takes multiple days to finish. Up until 2010, the company had a waiting list to purchase new bags. Although the list no longer exists, they can still be quite difficult to find. Thankfully, sellers on eBay offer great deals on a selection of new and used Hermes Birkin bags in a wide variety of colors, from creamy tan to forest fern.