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About Bing Crosby

When the snow starts to fall it's tough not to be reminded of Bing Crosby and his wish for a white Christmas. This baritone's rich voice and intimate style both cemented his place in musical history and paved the way for a number of other male singers, including Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. While Crosby's career spanned a number of years, his interpretations of Christmas carols are some of his most enduring pieces. His starring role in Irving Berlin's musical "White Christmas" earned him a place as a holiday staple. Today it's easy to find Bing Crosby Christmas albums. eBay's reliable sellers offer a variety of his holiday renditions in a number of formats, allowing you to enjoy his classic Christmas tunes in the way you most prefer. If you'd rather experience him visually, a Bing Crosby "White Christmas" DVD lets you enjoy the setting for his most famous song again and again. Whether you love Bing Crosby for the joy he brings to the holiday season or the doors he opened for other famous crooners, his works are well worth a place in any musical library.