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About Bilstein 5100

You can get a little lift and extra support for the bumps in life with Bilstein 5100 series suspension components. The Bilstein 5100 series of aftermarket parts offers a range of improvements for the shocks and suspension systems of light trucks. Lift your truck, supplement an existing lift kit, or just improve the performance of your standard suspension system with these products. Most Bilstein 5100 series products are designed to work with a wide array of vehicle and lift combinations. A Bilstein 5100 Tundra option might be ride height adjustable shock absorbers that use multiple snap ring grooves to allow you to set the ride height anywhere between 0 and 2.5 inches. A Bilstein 5100 Tacoma option for your favorite Toyota pickup might be a set of 5100 series shock absorbers designed specifically to complement the performance of a lifted truck by creating the ideal tuning and length for a lift kit. Get to know this multi-faceted line of products by exploring the vast inventory of options on eBay and find a component that brings new buoyancy and lift to your suspension.