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About Billet Grille

A car's grille is an opening in the body to allow air to enter—cars need to breathe, just like people, except they only breathe when they're running. A billet grille is a custom grill that's not only functional but attractive and enhances the car's look and style. There are many different billet grilles out there suited to various makes and models of car. There are Ford billet grilles, Toyota billet grilles, and so on, and each is appropriate to the specific model of car from the manufacturer and the specific year—even for a particular make, model, and year, there is variation in style and design. The ideal approach is to have your billet grille custom made to your own specifications, but there are plenty of cool looking and stylish pre-made billet grilles as well. A lot of them are available on eBay. Give your car a dash and style more than what it had rolling off the factory floor.