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About Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, a diehard saxophone player who debuted on stage in a band called Three Blind Mice and answered to the nickname of Bubba, continues to gather loyal followers who enjoy collecting memorabilia. Maybe you are interested in a 1997 Bill Clinton poster called "Alien Backs Clinton" or another one showing Bill and Hillary in a photo booth decades before anyone knew they existed. A Clinton shirt advertising him for president showing his flair for the sax and "The Cure for the Blues" could become yours when shopping from reliable eBay sellers. A T-shirt with the former president's portrait plastered on the front serves as an icebreaker at any party. You can branch out into books, Halloween masks, toy dolls, coins, and watches reflecting the life and legacy of Bill Clinton. Whatever memento you choose, commit to memory that William Jefferson Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States.