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About Bike Shorts

Cycling is your newest hobby and you are loving the exercise, but feeling rather sore. What you need is a pair of bicycle shorts. The bicycle seat is not the most comfortable seat in the world, so treat yourself to a pair of padded bike shorts. With a thick layer of cushioning, you can keep up with friends on those long weekend rides and still manage to walk around comfortably the next day. Plus, you may be surprised by how much you like the wicking fabric and the aerodynamic characteristics of your new bicycle shorts. If you do not like tight shorts, no matter how functional they may be, search for a pair of baggy bicycle shorts. These shorts allow the same range of motion. Reliable sellers on eBay have a large inventory of bicycle shorts, in all sizes, styles, and colors. Enjoy the easy shipping options, and get ready to get the most enjoyment out of your next long bike ride.