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About Bike Repair Stand

When flat tires and slipping gears have you in a fix, you can use a hand from bike repair stands. These handy tools hold the bike while you work; think of them as second-in-command. Stands come in different styles including large vertical units that stand on the floor and bench mounts that hold bikes securely with clamps and attach easily to bench edges. Stands feature special closing and locking systems, keeping your bike from slipping and falling. You can lock bikes in place with clamps or clasps, then release them using push-release buttons. Adjustable bike repair stands, which exist as larger floor-mount units, feature mobile stems and arms. Stems raise and lower, while arms rotate in full circles, allowing for maximal stability and quick repairs. You can find stands with special non-slip feet in the form of rubber foot caps. These caps also attach to the ends of clamps and clasps, preventing slippage and bike damage. Stands come in various materials including titanium and lightweight steel. Some feature special integrated lights and lenses, making diagnosing and fixing problems easier. You can look for bike repair stands on eBay, where a large inventory provides you with many search options. You can narrow your selection by brand, like Pro Bike; size; or price. You can look for stands suitable for road bikes or those ideal for mountain bikes, tandems, and hybrids.