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About Big Teddy Bear

In addition to their cute looks and oh-so-cuddly fur, teddy bears offer protection from nighttime monsters lurking under the bed, in the closet, and behind the drapes. If a regular teddy bear keeps most of the nocturnal creatures away, one can only imagine what a big Teddy bear can do. Often standing taller than their pint-sized owners when purchased, these colossal playmates make friends and protectors for life, if cared for well. Parents and grandparents receive too many hugs and kisses to count with the gift of a big plush sleepy teddy bear. Measuring just more than 30 inches high, these soft and snuggly bears come in dark brown, light brown, and white. While many may assume a big teddy bear is just for kids, think again. Grown-up females adore big Valentine teddy bears in red, pink, or white, and if they hold expensive jewelry, chocolates, or heart-shaped pillows bearing an "I Love You" message, all the better. Shoppers looking for big cuddly bears can find a wide variety on eBay sporting dresses, shirts, or colorful bows. Monster protector or nighttime snuggle buddy, a big teddy makes the perfect friend.