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About Big Jim

Growing up during the ‘70s you fondly remember playing with your Big Jim action figure while your brother constructed a battle field for the big show down. Years later, you gave your son a few of the action figures you had from a Big Jim pack. Lately he’s been pestering you for more. You know that eBay is a great place to buy old collectibles, and decide to check them out. You’re pleased when you find several Big Jim dolls listed for sale by several reliable sellers. Some of them come in original packs, while you can buy others as a large lot. You decide to purchase a Big Jim lot from 1971, which includes clothes and three pairs of shoes, plus extras like sport jerseys, and a set of shoulder pads. The lot was gently used and the action figures were in pristine condition. Both you and your son have spent hours enjoying these toys, and you have decided to look on eBay for more action figures in the months to come.