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About Chevy Big Block Engine

As American cars grew larger and heavier in the late 1950s, they needed more powerful engines to keep them moving. Chevy Big Blocks became the go-to models for a company that wanted to stay ahead of its competition. The power source behind medium-duty Chevy trucks and sports cars, those who enjoy restoring older model vehicles seek out big blocks for their power and speed. Chevy 396 Big Blocks first appeared in the 1956 Corvette and the Z16 Chevelle. Offering 375 horsepower, these engines literally roar to life. The Chevy 427 Big Blocks came out in 1966 and provided a stunning 425 horsepower for corvettes, sedans, and even the Italian Iso Grifo. Boasting three two-barrel carburetors, the engines went from zero to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. Later versions of the 427 supported Can-Am racing vehicles, like the McLaren M8B. Find all of the parts you need to get your Chevy Big Blocks up and running again on eBay. Reliable sellers offer a wide selection of inventory. Replace gaskets, chassis, and carburetors and get that old muscle car back on the street.

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