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About Bicentennial Coins

Great events are worthy of a little celebration. Bicentennial Coins celebrate the birth of the United States and its two hundred years of history as a nation preserving freedom and democracy. The release of these coins, in typical copper and nickel as well as in part silver varieties, marked the first time the U.S. Mint had allowed a temporary change in the design of circulating coins to commemorate a special time or event. They are marked with the double date 1776-1976. Though the Mint produced Bicentennial quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins, you are most likely to run across one of the quarters, which feature a drummer boy from the American Revolution. Whatever Bicentennial coins you are looking for to help you remember this country’s proud past and hopeful future, you are sure to find it from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. Be sure to check on the coin’s condition, as some have participated more in that great history than others.