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About Bible - Books

The best-selling book of all time, the Bible serves as an ongoing source of inspiration and education for individuals around the world. More than 100 million Bibles a year are sold in numerous translations. Originally written in Hebrew, the Old Testament is followed by the New Testament, which was originally penned in Greek. There are more than 80 versions, ranging from the King James Bible (1611) with the poetic language of the time to the 1885 Revised Version of that translation. This version was updated in 1952 as the Revised Standard Version and once more in 1989 as the New Revised Standard Version. For readers who prefer an updated translation, the New International Version (NIV Bible) and New Living Translation are popular thought-for-thought texts that retain the original's meaning while using modern language. Bibles with paraphrased translations such as The Message and the Living Bible employ plain and sometimes colloquial language that is well-suited to new readers. Students can find a variety of new and gently used study Bibles on eBay, including texts for teens. These contain study notes, maps, and historical facts that put the biblical culture in context.