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About Bib Necklaces

Some jewelry is subtle, delicate, and plain while other pieces stand out, make an outfit, and practically scream, "Look at me." The latter, called statement jewelry, includes bib necklaces, which, by their very design, take an outfit from simple to statement-maker with very effort. As the name suggests, the large area of bib necklaces covers a significant portion of the neck and chest. Often accented by large, noticeable rhinestones or glimmering metal, gold bib necklaces often look best with a plain ensemble that does not detract from the statement of the jewelry itself. For this reason, wearing a modern or vintage bib necklace with casual or plain outfits such as simple T-shirts or black dresses transforms them into something truly memorable. When paired properly, it may your only necessary accessory, making it incredibly valuable for on-the-fly outfit planning. It is easy to explore different styles of statement jewelry and necklaces, including the bib, thanks to the wide selection on eBay. When you dress to make a statement, it is about not only quantity, but also effect. So, make sure to choose a necklace that is as powerful and unique as you are.