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About Beyblade Stadium

Pump up the action with Beyblade stadiums to ensure that the only thing hitting the floor is your feet when you jump up to cheer for the winning fighter. A huge selection of Beyblade stadium sets on eBay means that when you are ready to have the ultimate championship event, you have exactly the place for the excitement. At almost 15 inches wide, the Beyblade Attack stadiums like the Pegasus offer plenty of room for head-to-head battles of two or more Beyblade tops with all the glory going to the victor. Molded plastic play arenas are perfect for keeping those spinning tops under control and off the floors. Bright blue, purple, or red Beyblade stadiums feature flaming Beyblade logos along with fun shelves, rises, and dips that create plenty of space for combat and keep the battle action-packed until the last top loses its spin. Zero-G and 4D stadiums even allow those Beyblade warriors to climb the walls and leap across the center spaces like the ferocious flying fighters that you love to wind up and send into battle.

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