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About Bev Doolittle

Bev Doolittle art is well-loved, easily recognizable, and highly collectible. One of the unique, appealing features of her artwork is that it is perceived by the observer rather than dictated by the artist. Enjoying one of Bev Doolittle's art pieces both inspires and includes the onlooker to participate in the art. For instance, if you are admiring "The Forest Has Eyes," you may initially spot rocks and waterfalls. Viewing it from a distance, you may see the faces of American Indians. The more you view it, the more there is to be discovered and enjoyed. Bev Doolittle initially started painting scenes as she was traveling America in a motorhome with her husband. The themes she portrays are American Southwest, western art, and American Indians. Her art is personified by the use of watercolor rather than conventional oil painting and her unique, camouflage details are a signature element of her art. There is a large inventory of Bev Doolittle art available on eBay including signed, framed, and numbered lithographs, limited edition art prints, art books, puzzles, and calendars.