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About Betsy Ross

The American flag has long been the symbol of independence and autonomy, defining a nation from the birth pangs of the revolution. There were various versions of the banner of freedom's cause, but Betsy Ross designed and created the flag that would become America's universal banner. Looking much different from the sea of stars of today, her flag featured a circle 13 stars, representing the colonies formerly controlled by the British. Those nostalgic for this crucial period in history want to have a replica of their own. Fortunately, reliable sellers on eBay offer an apt marketplace for the Betsy Ross flag and memorabilia associated with her design. A quick search of the various Betsy Ross items reveals the item you are searching for. You can even find a Betsy Ross sewing machine, much like the one she used to produce the iconic flag. Reliable sellers are waiting with a large inventory to help you find what you need.