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Blending in is just not your thing, and Betsey Johnson sunglasses ensure you shine brightly in the sun. The unusual designs feature bold colors and shapes, such as sunnies with heart-shaped lenses and bright yellow or orange frames. Tap into your wild and funky side and choose a pair of fun sunglasses to spice up your style.

About Betsey Johnson Sunglasses

Betsey Johnson exists especially for those who think of normal as boring. Whimsical Betsey Johnson sunglasses reflect the designer's eclectic tastes. Bold and colorful patterns and unusual shapes add a playful flair to virtually any wardrobe. For those who enjoy vintage styles, Betsey Johnson cat eye sunglasses combine retro style with a contemporary twist. Jazz up a subtle outfit with a zebra print design or choose a more subtle twist like tortoise shell for a more subdued look. Betsey Johnson heart sunglasses provide fun accents that utilize hearts in a variety of ways. Even the classic aviator design enjoys a Betsey Johnson makeover with brightly colored frames surrounding the reflective lenses. Match your sunnies to your jewelry or handbag or just pick your favorite classic shades to wear with everything. Browse the huge inventory of Betsey Johnson sunglasses on eBay to redefine your sense of "normal" and liven up your wardrobe.